Self Adhesive Bituminous Roof Shingles 



Bardoline is versatile reinforced bituminous roofing material in shingle form. It is produced in strips of four shingles and has a single layer core of tough fibreglass which provides essential support for the bituminous aggregate. This is then coated with a granular finish.

Bardoline is a flexible, robust, lightweight and water-proof, high grade material used in many countries, including those with extreme climatic conditions.

Support Decks - Bardoline strip shingles require roof decking laid to present a smooth unbroken surface.
Nailing - standard galvanised clouts or staples, nailing through adhesive points to the roof deck and through the shingle underneath.
Adhesive Bonding - self-adhesive bands automatically ensure the correct sealing. Extra adhesive is necessary at exposed eaves and ridges and under certain climatic conditions.
Ridges - obtained by using cut shingles, each strip making 4 ridge pieces each 350mm x 250mm. Each ridge piece is curved suitably and fixed by nailing and adhesive with 175mm overlap (nailing under the overlap).
Valleys - are formed by cutting and overlapping shingles.
Maintenance - virtually no maintenance should be necessary.

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Rectangular, Oval, Triangular
One size only
1000mm x 340mm
Shingle - 1.5kg
Square Metre - 10kg
Pack - 31.5kg
21 strips per pack - covers 3.05sqm




Available in a range of popular colours